Pakistan: Sindh flooded again

Millions badly affected.

Around ten million people have been directly and severely affected in the twenty-one districts of Sindh province due to non-stop heavy rain and floods, caused by breaches in the drains and canals. Similarly, more than ten million others in the province have been indirectly affected, and will become even more affected due to food insecurity, paucity of milk, butter, cereals, vegetables and fruits, because the 20 affected districts are considered as the “supply storage” of the province. Nothing is left in the affected districts. Family members and friends are gone/departed/dead. Millions of houses are destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of livestock have been killed. Crops on millions of acres of land were ruined. Roads are inundated. Bridges are broken and there is no electricity.

Much is said in the press releases of the relevant provincial and federal government organizations, but regrettably, nothing is being done practically to save the lives of the victims. All the victims have contracted skin diseases. So far, more than 350 people are reported dead. Officials in the affected districts are wasting their time and giving relief packages to their own un-affected relatives. Doctors and paramedical staff are not visible anywhere. Sindh is flooded. Sindhi is sinking. Sindh is drowned. I can make no explanation but corruption (of our past and present rulers) corruption (of our callous bureaucrats in revenue, irrigation etc.), and corruption (of engineers and technocrats) which has ruined Sindh, the rural life and economy. All those corrupt, callous and incompetent officers and technocrats swindled millions of rupees but did not utilize even ten percent of the allocated funds for the construction of roads, canals, water channels, water courses and drains. All those who corrupt officials involved in the defective and disastrous schemes such as Left Bank Outfall drain (LBOD) and Right Bank Outfall Drain (RBOD) should be put on trial for their heinous offences against the ten million people in the worst affected districts of the province.

A large number of our trade union friends and comrades are also affected by devastating rain and floods in affected districts of Sindh. Progressive Workers Federation of Pakistan and Trade Union Rights Campaign – Pakistan has set up two Camps in MirPur Khas District where more than 200 of our trade union workers and also our comrades have been moved with their families. But the situation is very bad with Malaria, gastro and skin diseases are epidemic here all over the Sindh. Now we are even unable to provide food and Medicines to our affected comrades and friends. We need urgently medicine and food items. Send messages of solidarity and support to the Trade Union Rights Campaign – Pakistan at

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September 2011