Lebanon: Public sector workers take strike action

Teachers and other workers demand new pay scales

On Wednesday 25 July, hundreds of public workers took part in a march in Beirut, Lebanon, demanding new pay scales. Amongst them were teachers’ who are refusing to grade official exams until the government approves a new pay scale for them.

The following links are to leaflets (in Arabic) produced by CWI supporters in Beirut that were distributed during the strike.


Public sector strike leaflet:

Public sector strike leaflet:

بيان لبنان – 25 تموز 2012

href="http://www.socialistworld.net/m/2012-07-25Lebanonstrikeleaflet.pdf"> تضامناً مع اضراب القطاع العام

Workers’ movement leaflet:

بيان لبنان – 25 تموز 2012

href="http://www.socialistworld.net/m/2012-07-25Lebanonleaflet.pdf"> لبناء حركة عمالية مستقلة

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