Egypt: Free Ramy Sabry and all political prisoners

Act now to stop the crackdown of the new Morsi regime

The Committee for a Workers International (CWI) strongly condemns the organised killing of the Leftist journalist Al Housseini Abou Dayf, and the kidnapping and torturing of activists by members of the Muslim Brotherhood during the mass protests against Mursi’s new constitution. We call on the immediate release of all the activists.

The CWI has been following the recent events in Egypt and has been informed that among others, Ramy Sabry, a socialist activist and a fighter for workers rights, has been badly tortured and has been held for many hours by Muslim Brotherhood thugs despite his urgent need for medical assistance. Ridiculously, he was accused of carrying weapons and being from the remnants of the old regime.

We have also heard that Ramy along with other activists are going to be handed over in the next few hours and transferred to the police, who refused to act to stop their kidnapping and who refused to interfere to enforce their release.

The reactionary Muslim Brotherhood (MB), now in power, are in alliance with the same big business owners who backed Mubarak. The MB are carrying out the same policies of repression and attack on civil rights as Mubarak did before the revolution. The leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood has been exposed to the masses in the region and internationally for their reactionary agenda in their defence of big business interests, and their inability to offer any real change to the conditions faced by the Egyptian working class and the poor masses.

The recent attacks on democratic and civil rights illustrate the nature of this reactionary government that is prepared to use fascistic thugs to repress and torture Left activists in the name of religion. The recent events illustrate once again the need to build an independent mass workers movement and a political workers alternative, to challenge the ruling class and to break with capitalism.

The CWI demands the immediate release of Ramy Sabry and all the other activists and will do whatever we can to make sure that a campaign is being built in defence democratic rights and the right to organise as socialists, trade unionists and freedom activists.

Please send messages of protest to and They will be used to increase the pressure on the authorities.

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December 2012