May Day Greetings

The CWI sends revolutionary greetings and solidarity to workers, young people and all those exploited by capitalism.

Workers and the poor throughout the world will be celebrating this international workers’ day.

Capitalism is in an historic crisis. Economic recession and depression grip Greece, Spain, Portugal and other European countries. The austerity packages of the ruling class are driving millions into deeper poverty and destitution. Countries that have boosted an economic boom like Brazil, China and India now face a slow down and the prospect of joining the rest of the crisis ridden capitalist countries.

The horrors of capitalism and semi-feudalism are to be seen every day in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In South Africa the mine workers and others have begun to show the way by forming a new workers’ party to fight for their interests and socialism.

Unfortunately, in the face of the crisis the leaders of the official trade unions and workers’ organisations are, in the main, failing to offer a fight back. There is an urgent need to build a fighting workers’ movement and mass socialist alternative to capitalism.

The CWI extends its solidarity to all workers, youth and the poor in struggle. We will continue our struggle to build a powerful international workers’ alternative to fight for a socialist alternative to capitalism and imperialism.

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