Ireland: Parliament suspended after PM tells Socialist MPs “where to go”

Contemptuous remarks reflect government concerns over non-payment of water charges

The Irish Parliament (Dáil) was adjourned twice yesterday after the prime minister, Enda Kenny, told Paul Murphy, Anti-Austerity Alliance TD (member of Irish parliament), and Socialist Party member, that he should “toddle along” to a meeting where Irish Water would “give you the answer to any questions that you want to ask”.

Paul Murphy had asked the Taoiseach how many water bills had been paid out of the one million bills issued in the first quarterly charge.

Kenny absurdly compared Paul Murphy to Julius Caesar. When in response Socialist Party TD Ruth Coppinger asked “what was the point of leaders’ questions”, Kenny arrogantly replied: “It’s to tell you where to go.”

Kenny’s contemptuous remarks indicated the Fine Gael/Labour Coalition government’s weak position in response to Paul Murphy’s blistering attacks against government attempts to introduce hugely unpopular water charges (taxes). Paul pointing out some unwelcome facts for the Taoiseach, such as the fact that 592,000 water bills had passed their pay-by date. Paul also condemned the government for trying to frighten people into paying their water bills.

The video on the link below shows the debate, with Kenny’s outrageous comments against Paul Murphy and Ruth Coppinger and the entire anti-water charges and non-payment campaign, made towards the end.

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