Yemen: Successful international day of action against TOTAL

Protests around the world on March 31 showed solidarity with Yemeni workers, victims of exploitation and gangsterism by TOTAL and G4S.

On March 31, the CWI organised protests around the world to demand justice for the Yemeni workers previously employed by TOTAL/G4S, who were left unpaid and starving in the war-torn country as a result of the greed of two of the most profitable multinational corporations in the world (for more background, see here). Pickets at TOTAL head offices were organised in nine countries in Asia, Europe and Africa, and protest letters were delivered to the French company’s management in all these places.

The CWI, echoing the workers’ demands in Yemen, campaigns for all the due wages and entitlements to be paid to the workers, and asks for an independent investigation into the killings of three workers on December 3, 2016.

You can share the photo-report above using the hashtag #JusticeforTOTALG4SWorkers, tagging @Total, @TotalPress @PPouyanne‏ (CEO of TOTAL) and @G4S on Twitter. You can also sign the petition here.

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