Sweden: Terror in Stockholm

Shock quickly followed by strong showing of solidarity.
We condemn in the strongest possible terms the horrific suspected terrorist attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm last Friday, 7 April. Four people were killed and 15 others injured. We mourn with all those affected.
In Stockholm, shock and concern was quickly followed by a strong showing of solidarity to all those left stranded in the city, with offers of beds, food and transport. It is important that this wave of solidarity continues and that any attempts to create fear and division, which is the goal with this type of attack, are countered.

At the time of writing (Saturday morning), it is still too early to draw any definite conclusions concerning the reasons for the carnage. The latest information from the police is that they have arrested someone for what is being classified as a suspected terrorist act. He is believed to have been the driver of the truck.

There are many similarities with the attack in Berlin in December, where a truck was also hijacked, and with those in London, in March, and in Nice, France, on 14 July. In those cases, lone perpetrators were behind the terror attacks. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack in Stockholm, nor is much known about the suspected driver’s background or any possible links to organisations.

Rättvisepartiet Socialist condemn terrorism and terrorist attacks. Socialists and Marxists have always been opposed to ’individual terrorism’. The terrorists claim that they are attacking those in power but actions like this kill and wound ordinary people on their way from work, tourists and young people in the city. Drottninggatan was presumably chosen because it is probably the country’s most densely populated pedestrian street.

Actions like this have a completely reactionary effect when it comes to the struggle against imperialist warmongering in the Middle East or against discrimination and oppression. Instead, they risk leading to increased repression, such as the imposition of martial law. After the terrorist attacks in France, emergency laws were used against both climate protests and trade union demonstrations. The correspondent for Sweden’s public service television in Brussels reported that terrorism in Belgium has led to an increased police presence on the streets, in the form of checks and controls on people who do not look “Belgian”. Increased repression and racism is also what terror organisations and other far-right groups are aiming for.

Shock doctrine against refugee

In Sweden, the shock doctrine against refugees since 2015 has led to an increase in racist violence and an increased profile for these groups. A group of Nazis has been recently charged with carrying out several bombings in Gothenburg, actions that also should be described as terrorist in nature.
There is also a strong and in recent times, growing wave of solidarity against the deportation of refugees. It is necessary that all rank-and-file, left-wing, workers’ organisations and trade unions come together and stand up against the threat of racist hatred that will follow this deed. We call for a struggle against terror, war and racism. The single force in France and Belgium that has been able to break the negative spiral of more repression, racism, war and more terror, has been when the working class has been engaged in active struggle for jobs, wages, improved working conditions and welfare. There is a strong sense of solidarity and anti-racism among large sections of the population in Sweden and if it channelled into active struggle, there is a good chance to turn things around.

Terrorist acts have hit several cities in Europe, but the biggest attacks have occurred in Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, as well as in Afghanistan, Pakistan and several countries in Africa. These kinds of deeds are the reason behind why refugees are fleeing and seeking refuge in other countries, where they now risk being subjected to increased racism.
The largest terrorist groups are right-wing groups, such as the Islamic State and the Taliban, who emerged as a result of the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Taliban originally emerged with the backing of the United States, Saudi Arabia and the regime in Pakistan during the war in Afghanistan more than 30 years ago.

Fighting terrorism is about fighting against war. This includes the fight against Swedish arms exports and growing links with NATO, including military participation in Afghanistan and Mali.

War and terrorism are also connected to the neoliberal right-wing policies being pursued globally in recent decades.

Rattvisepartiet Socialists finds inspiration in the solidarity that was shown yesterday and will continue the fight for a socialist society based on justice, solidarity and peace.

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