Brazil: Public sector strike

We of the Head Office of the Committee for a Workers’ International, which has groups, sections and parties in every continent, express our 100% backing for your present struggle.

To the professors, university workers and students of University of Sao Paolo (USP), in Occupation 17 May 2000 and of UNICAMP, UNESP and secondary schools on the demonstration of 18 May, along with other public sector employees on strike:

We support your demands for an end to the continual erosion of the value of your wages, for more spending on education, more jobs for lecturers, against the attacks on technical schools and for an end to privatisation. We also support the struggle in the universities for more control over decision-making and for the direct election of the rectors.

We have heard about your actions — strikes, occupations and demonstrations — through Socialismo Revolucionario, the Brazilian section of our international organisation. We have spread their appeal for solidarity to our sections and individuals in nearly 40 countries.

We are willing you a full victory as part of the struggle to end the rule of big business, the banks and the land-owners in Brazil. We fight ceaselessly for a socialist alternative throughout South and Central America and in the rest of the world.

Write and tell us about how the struggle is going and we can publicise your news in all our sections’ papers.

Yours in struggle,

Clare Doyle

(International Secretariat)


Sent to:

Central Students’ Directorate, USP at

Socialismo Revolucionario at

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