Brazil: Worker killed at AmBev brewery

Beer with the taste of blood of workers don’t go down smoothly

On February 1st of 2012 a worker that was going to be father for the first time had this future abruptly ended. It was cut across by the greed and arrogance, which was followed by irresponsibility towards the health and security of workers.

Fabiano Cleito Silva, a youth of 25 years, was preparing for his marriage, but a tragic accident put an end to that dream.

He was working as a contract worker for AmBev, of the Anheuser-Busch InBev group, which has plants in over 23 countries all over the world. It produces brands such as Budweiser, Brahma, Skol, Antártica, Boemia and Guaraná Antártica.

Fabiano was repairing the system of lightning conductors at a height of approximately 12 metres. He fell and in spite of being rescued didn’t recover from his injuries and died 3 hours later.

The inquiry by members of the health and safety committee shows that there were several irregularities that led to his death.

The lifeline of steal cable, that should be used to connect workers to the structures, was missing. The roof was in very bad condition and those in charge were aware of the risks and authorised the carrying out of the repairs.

The safety inspectors at the factory were absent and didn’t follow the procedures for this work to be carried out.

The servicing was cleared by an engineer from InBev’s Centre of Engineering, without looking at the site to be serviced- knowing that it was risky.

The lack of safety at AmBev in Jacareí (São Paulo state) dates back a long way. Dozens of workers have already suffered from serious accidents and hundreds have suffered from work related illnesses.

We demand that the public authorities responsible, the Public Prosecutors and Ministry of Labour, make a rigorous investigation and that those guilty for this death are made responsible. We demand that the ILO also take measure to ensure that accidents like this don’t occur again.

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