Portugal: Lisbon council workers strike in defence of working conditions

About 300 workers from the Municipal Department of Mechanical Maintenance (DRMM) in Lisbon, who ensure the maintenance of municipal vehicles, have been on an overtime hours (’extraordinary hours’) strike, since last Monday.

The workers are taking action following the attempt by the Councillor (head manager) of the sector to reduce the budget for extraordinary hours.

The creation of ’flexible’ labour practises and the increased worsening of working conditions can be used to open the doors to privatisation attempts.

The Councillor in charge of this sector, Pedro Feist, who was elected for the conservative party, the PP, has spoken to several newspapers and accused the striking workers and their union, the Lisbon Council Workers’ Union, of "political terrorism".

The workers of DRMM need urgent solidarity action. Tomorrow, Thursday, 22 August, at 14 00 hours, there will be a meeting of striking workers.

Please send solidarity messages. Support from public sector unions internationally are especially welcomed.

Francisco Raposo, Secretary of All Shop Stewards’ Assembly of Lisbon Council Workers’ Union.

Please send solidarity messages to: Sindicato dos Trabalhadores do Municpio de Lisboa, stml.cgtp@mail.telepac.pt

Or fax: ++351 21 888 54 28

Please send protest messages to: Vereador Pedro Feist, Cmara Municipal de Lisboa, cml.dmsem@mail.telepac.pt and cml.drmm@mail.telepac.pt

With copies to: stml.cgtp@mail.telepac.pt

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