Sweden: Biggest demo so far in Gothenburg

"Say hey, say ho, say George Bush has got to go". In the biggest demonstration so far in Sweden, 5-6 000 marched against the US war against Iraq in Gothenburg on 18 January.

"No to war against Iraq", "George Bush killer – Göran Persson hypocrite" were two of the slogans along Gothenburg’s streets. Among the speakers was film director Lukas Moodysson who said, "The US bombed a wedding in Afghanistan with numbers of civilians killed, but nothing of this has been reported in Sweden. What would have happened if an Afghan had bombed a wedding in America? It would have started new wars, been condemned by all governments and totally dominated media."

Demo stewards complimented Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI) and School Students against War for our extremely lively contingent on the protest march.

This demonstration shows the growing anti-war mood in Sweden. The 15 February demo in Stockholm will most likely be the biggest anti-war demo in Sweden since the Vietnam war. School Students against the War is preparing this with school activities, meetings, protest actions and new booklet against the war.

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