Iraq: No to war in Iraq – Belgian unions call national student strike

The youth section of the social democratic nation trade union federation (ABVV) has called a national school student and higher education student strike on Friday 21 March. The appeal has received the support of the national anti-war coalition.

No to war in Iraq.

Belgian unions call national student strike

LSP/MAS, Belgian section of the CWI, and International Resistance, are building for the strikes on 21 March and also for protest strikes on Day X (the day a war starts).

The strikes coincide with the appeal of the European Trade Union Conference to have an international day of action and demonstrations on 21 March. Originally these demonstrations where organised by the trade union bureaucracy to put pressure on a European summit taking place that same day in Brussels. As a result of huge grassroots pressure the planned demonstrations have taken on an anti-war character and are accompagnied with a call to strike for 10 minutes on Friday. One region of the social-democratic union federation, in the province of West-Vlaanderen, has extended this call and has issued an appeal for strikes from 12 o’clock onwards on the 21 March.

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