Iraq: Stop the war in Iraq – Toronto marches and talks back

Stop work to stop the war. Canada.

Toronto marches and talks back

An anti-war rally took place last Saturday, 29 March, at Dundas Square, in downtown Toronto. The mood was angry against the continuing bloodshed in Iraq.

It was a smaller demonstration, maybe 5,000 or so, than last week’s. One important explanation for this may be that Toronto is in the middle of a huge epidemic scare right now. The outbreak of SARS (a fatal, non-treatable atypical pneumonia) has led authorities to advise people to avoid crowds and to wear surgical masks etc. Large numbers of people are being quarantined.

I sold copies of Justice on the demo.

Around thirty people turned up for a local day time student demonstration in Toronto, last Friday.

The protest venue was beside a radio studio. During our protest a producer from a talk show asked for someone to come on the air to discuss the Iraqi conflict. I volunteered and spent an hour taking on-air calls from people about the war. The show is a corporate radio programme aired in Toronto and Vancouver. The producer took my phone number at the end and said he might ask me on again.

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