Iraq: Stop the war in Iraq – Kazakhstan, Almata protesters disrupt US ambassador’s television appearance

Anti-war protesters in Kazakhstan burst into a television studio last week where the US ambassador was speaking about the war in Iraq. The protesters, all CWI members, unfurled a ’No to war’ banner, which was seen by millions of viewers on three channels across the country.

Stop the war in Iraq. Kazakhstan.

Almata protesters disrupt US ambassador’s television appearance

This bold protest, in the authoritarian state of President Nazabayev, who wholeheartedly supports the war, successfully reminded the public of widespread anti-war moods in society. The television show is called ’Freedom of Speech’!

Elsewhere in the former Soviet Union anti-war protests continue. CWI members and members of Attac (the anti-globalisation group), organised a protest against the war in central Moscow on 31 March. Around 40 people attended, which is good for a day time action called at short notice.

The weekend before between 3-4,000 protested in Moscow against Bush’s war. This was organised mainly by the communist party and represents a big protest by the standards in Russia over the last few years.

A meeting of representatives of the CWI from throughout the CIS, held last weekend in Moscow, heard reports of anti-war protests in many other places, including the Ukraine and Moldova, and in many towns and cities in Russia. CWI members have pledged to keep up the protests in opposition to this bloody imperialist war against the people of Iraq.

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