Germany: Socialist councillor sacked in Germany

Protest against action by Cinram bosses

On September 26th Marc Treude was elected as councillor in Aachen for the left-wing electoral alliance "Together against social cuts". On October 8th he was sacked by his employers at Cinram for organising resistance against 350 lay-offs in his factory. Marc Treude is a member of Socialist Alternative and a shop steward for the mining, chemical and energy workers’ union IG BCE. This right-wing trade union has a bad record in selling out workers to the bosses. Scandalously the IG BCE-led works council did agree to the lay-offs and to the sacking of Marc Treude. This is because in an article for SAV’s website Treude spelled out the truth and called for resistance to the planned sackings and the building of an opposition against the trade union leadership.

A solidarity campaign has been started and we call on all cwi members and trade union activists to protest against the sackings.

Write to the Cinram manager: John Fitzgeral via fax at ++49-2404-58111 and call for the immediate re-instatement of Marc Treude and protest against the planned 350 lay-offs.

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