Greece: Thousands rally against racism

On Saturday 2nd of April, pan-European day of action against racism, a big demonstration for immigrants’ and refugees’ rights was held in Athens.

Organized in common by various left-wing organizations, antiracist organizations, immigrant communities and trade union, the demonstration in general had a relatively good turnout-a total of about 5000 demonstrators, mainly immigrants and refugees.

Our contingent (the largest in the demonstration) numbered about 350-400, with YRE and Xekinima banners, CWI flags, pickets etc. Many immigrants opted to participate in our contingent since it was by far the most colourful and well organized one. It was also the only truly international block, with immigrants from various African countries, Albanians, Arabs, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis as well as many Greek workers and students.

Generally speaking, our turnout was a big success, that reflects how our campaigns are steadily embraced by an increasing number of immigrants. Photos from our contingent are the most prominent in the report of the demo.

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