Pakistan: STOP PRESS – Telecommunications Trade Unions pull out of negotiations

The Pakistani Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) Trade Union Action Committee has decided to boycott negotiations with management in a meeting which finished late during the night of 29 May.

The Action Committee has taken this decision after the failure of negotiations today. The Action Committee has said that they were forced to take this decision by the unserious attitude of the management. They have accused the management of being responsible for the present deadlock. The Action Committee has also announced its withdrawal of all the demands except that of privatisation. They have make it clear that they have dropped all the other demands including the increase in wages, but have said that they will not accept privatisation. Now, as far as they are concerned the only issue which can be discussed during negotiations will be that of privatisation. They have stated that they will not call off the strike until the government announces the halt of the privatisation process.

Trade Union Rights Campaign – Pakistan and Socialist Movement Pakistan members were also present in the meeting of leading trade union activists called to discuss developments during the strike. They were cheered by those present when they read out the solidarity messages from the different trade unions and socialist organisations from around the world. The Action Committee unanimously passed the resolution to thank the all the trade unions and political parties from Pakistan and internationally which have sent solidarity messages. The Action Committee especially appreciated the role of the TURC-P in this vital struggle.

In another decision of the meeting the Action Committee announced that they will completely jam the telecommunication system for an indefinite period if government tries to arrest workers and trade union leaders. Now different trade union leaders have decided to return back to their respective areas to organise the all-out strike. The situation has become very tense. It will soon become clear how the government intend to act in their attempt to defeat this strike.

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