Brazil: Organised homeless call for worldwide solidarity support

Thousands of poor occupying land in Taboão da Serra, São Paulo, under eviction threat

A state that spreads misery will end up reaping protest. We demand urban reform now! For organisation and Struggle

Brothers and Sisters from all around the world,

We are sick and tired of remaining silent in the face of a regime of social exclusion and misery practiced by the Brazilian state, which has abandoned us. We, as activists of the Movement of the organized homeless workers of the favelas (shanty towns), have occupied, for over 16 days, an under used area of land in Taboão da Serra – São Paulo, from a owner who is in debt to the state to the tune of R$500 000 (£100, 000). The land did not serve any function and was only used as an area for drug trafficking, rapes and other criminal activity. The land is now occupied by something like 1,500 poor families, almost 2,000 children, but we fear for our safety. We are under threat of eviction, which, if carried out, would be a tragedy. We demand time, space for negotiations and justice. We need a solution to Brazil’s terrible homelessness problem. We appeal for support and solidarity from everyone who supports the struggle of the working class of the favelas of Brazil. Stop this tragedy! Please help.

Justice, Democracy and Freedom!


The men, women, and children of the Urban Comuna of Chico Mendes – Taboão da Serra – São Paulo

MTST (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Teto) – Brazil

To contact us:

Phone: 00 55 21 11 9423 8533


web site:

To support us, please phone or send letters of protest to the following addresses, demanding that no action is taken against those occupying the land. Please send copies of the letters to and

Send letters of protest urgently to the head of the Police of the Sao Paulo government and to the other addresses below:

For: Edmundo Amaral Neto

Fax: 00 55 11 – 21938234

Tel.: 00 55 11-21938436, or 00 55 11 21938602 

Edmundo Amaral Neto


b)Mayor of Taboão da Serra – SP – Brasil

Dr. Evilásio Farias

Telephone: 11 4788-5366 (Secretária do Prefeito)

c) Vice-Mayor of Taboão da Serra – SP – Brasil


Telepone: 00 55 11 4788-5383

d) Urbanism and Habitation Secretary of Taboão da Serra – SP – Brasil

Ângela Amaral

00 55 11 4788-5330

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