Israel: Support the 450 workers of Tadiran Kesher Factory

The 450 workers of Tadiran Kesher in Israel are on strike since 11 November.

They are demanding the continuation of the collective contract, which they won after a militant struggle in the 1990’s, after the transfer of ownership of the factory to the company Elbit, that bought it and is notorious for it’s policy against workers’ orgnisations.

The profits of Tadrian, which produces most of the Israeli army’s communication equipment, have grown by 22% in the last quarter. However, the management still evades its obligations regarding workers’ pension rights, refuses to increase wages, and also threatens to sack 150 workers in order to break the union, that is known for its militancy, and has so far refused all the managment’s attempts to buy it off.

The workers, experienced in strikes, have occupied the factory and are prevnting the transer of goods in and out. They are running an active strike, accompanied by demonstations and daily protests in front of other workplaces owned by the owners of Elbit.

International support is necessary for the continued resistance of the workers despite management’s pressure and for the continuation of the strike.

As the management has cut electricty to the factory, messages of support will be passed throughh Maavak Sozialisti, the Israeli affilate of the CWI, and we will pass them onto the workers.

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