Pakistan: World Social Forum meets in Karachi

Hundreds hear the socialist case at CWI meetings

World Social Forum meets in Karachi

On Saturday, 25 March, the Word Social Forum (WSF), in Karachi, Pakistan, started with some 5,000 to 8,000 present. The turn-out was not very high, as the WSF was not very well organised, and not really aimed at the wider population. NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) dominate the event. While there are some trade union leaders present, there are few rank and file workers. The entrance fee of 100 Rupees, is partly to blame (low paid workers, on average, get paid about 3,500 Rupee a month, in Pakistan).

The Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) is present with about 50-60 members from all over Pakistan and Kashmir and international visitors. We held two meetings. The first one, dealt with the fight against imperialism, the war in Iraq, and workers’ struggles in Europe. It was introduced by Geert Cool, from Belgium. About 100 people were present. Amongst them, were leaders of a newly-formed postal workers’ trade union.

The CWI meeting was very successful. CWI comrades from Pakistan and Kashmir were impressed by workers` struggle in Europe. After the meeting, an Indian television station did an interview with CWI members.

This postal workers’ union held a meeting on Friday evening, at which Kevin Simpson from the CWI spoke against privatisations. Kevin’s speech was broadcast on local television.

A second CWI meeting on ‘Socialism in 21st Century’ attracted around 150 people, making it one of the most successful meetings at the WSF. The CWI explained how capitalism does not provide for the mass of working people, and why we need a socialist alternative. This led to some discussion, mainly amongst visitors from India. 

The Socialist Movement Pakistan (CWI) stall at the WSF attracts many visitors. We are selling an Urdu translation of the ‘Communist Manifesto’, and also CWI pamphlets on Che Guevara and on Venezuela. Many of these pamphlets are sold at the stall.

The CWI participation is different to most that of other organisations attending. We are not an NGO, but a political group defending socialist ideas.

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