Cyprus: Kurdish refugee asylum campaign – successful day of international protests! – Germany

Friday 10 November was the first day of protests against the possible deportation of Kurdish asylum seekers from Cyprus in many countries across the world.

Kurdish refugee asylum campaign

International protests. Report from Germany – Berlin

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No Deportations of Kurdish asylum-seekers from Cyprus!

 In Berlin SAV organised a lobby in front of the Cypriot embassy in which 11 people participated, including Hussein Mohamad, a representative of the Kurdish “Viktli Party” from Syria.

Our demands were:

  • No deportations of asylum-seekers!
  • No reprisals against refugees in Cyprus!
  • Right of residence for everybody!
  • Social security a refugee’s right!

We collected signatures for our petition, handed out leaflets and made speeches. We were able to talk to a representative of the embassy and hand over our protest resolution, a petition and the motion presented in the Scottish parliament by the Scottish MP’s Rosemary Byrne and Tommy Sheridan, condemning the threatening deportation of Kurdish refugees from Cyprus. The representative of the embassy accepted our protest resolution. He responded to it claiming that Cypriot justice follows EU and Cypriot law, so nobody who is threatened by torture would be deported. We answered this obvious lie in regard to the Cypriot governments’ asylum policy with chants and slogans!

We are determined not to let the Cypriot government get away with its outrageous treatment of asylum seekers! Positively, the protest has brought us into contact with Hussein Mohamad, a member of a Syrian Kurdish party and friend in struggle. We agreed to organise further joint protests, if the Kurdish asylum seekers will not soon be granted asylum!

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