Nigeria: Urgent appeal to support socialist campaign against election rigging

The blatant rigging and falsification of Nigeria’s April 14 State Governorship and Assembly elections has helped plunge the country, Africa’s largest, into crisis.

Millions are angry at this latest robbery. Having seen Nigeria’s oil wealth consistently stolen by the elite millions of working class people are bitter at this latest open conspiracy by the PDP to keep control of the country.

Already demonstrations have taken place and the trade unions are discussing calling strike action in protest at the rigging of the April 14 voting and the transparent plans to fix the April 21 Presidential and national elections in favour of the PDP.

The Democratic Socialism Movement, Nigeria’s largest socialist organisation, campaigned before April 14 against the government’s manipulation of the election preparations and for mass action to defend democratic rights and to defeat the ruling elite (see Now it is calling for mass action against the election rigging and the building of a mass workers’ and poor movement against all factions of the ruling class.

The DSM needs financial assistance immediately to help print leaflets and carry out this activity throughout Nigeria.

  • 50 000 Naira (US$400, 300€) would print 50 000 leaflets.
  • 25 000 Naira (US$200, 150€) would pay for a group of DSM members to campaign in one of the Nigerian states most affected by the rigging.

Smaller amounts would be just as useful in helping local campaigns up and down Nigeria.

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