Bolivia: Violent attack on social activists by fascist thugs in Cochabamba

The prefecture of Manfred Reyes Villa organises thugs to occupy squares and intimidate opposition

Yesterday morning, 24 May, a group of thugs violently attacked social activists at the "plaza 14 de septiembre" square in the centre of Cochabamba. This cowardly attack was organised out of the office of the prefect of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa. In the morning these hired bandits, stepping out of the prefecture, forcefully removed the stall and placards of the youth organisation Red Tinku.

Red Tinku has almost daily stalls in the square and they are a gathering point for political discussion and debate in the city.

After the stall was attacked more activists gathered to protest at what had happened. The CWI comrades in Cochambamba have been working alongside Red Tinku and were present when the thugs came out first and also at the protest rally a few hours later. With the protest in full swing and about 75 people gathered in the square the thugs attacked again. This time they attacked the demonstrators physically and tried to rough up as many people, including two of the CWI comrades, up as possible.

This campaign of intimidation fits in with a wider campaign conducted by the right wing and the establishment to take whatever steps necessary to defend their political, economical and criminal interests against a rising tide of class struggle and protest.

The CWI in Bolivia is calling for the organisation of defence committees and mobilisations against the right wing prefecture in Cochabamba and against the thugs in the pay of the prefecture.

In the next few days we will carry more coverage on this website and provide information for messages of international support

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