Sweden: Confident mood at Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna Congress

Ten years of weekly paper celebrated

At their congress over the week-end 2-4 November, the Swedish section of the Committee for a Workers’ Party celebrated ten years as Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna and ten years with a weekly newspaper..

The congress was held in Haninge, Stockholm and it was the best attendance since 2003 with 101 participants. The number of new members present and also a lot of young comrades contributing in the debates shows how our party is moving forward. Another proof of this is the number of newly elected to the national committee. Young comrades that are taking steps forward and have played an important role for the party.

The protests that were held on 18 September have played an important role in lifting the mood and the whole congress was optimistic about the future. The congress discussed and approved three documents: Sweden’s perspectives, building our party and a third document about the role of our newspaper, Offensiv. We also agreed on targets for recruitment and paper subscriptions.

A special rally about the Russian revolution explained that we are not just one party amongst others. We fight for socialism and that is why we need to build our party and participate in struggle. We need to sell our paper in order to explain that there is an alternative to capitalist society that is attacking workers, youth, immigrants, women and others.

Kevin McLoughlin from Ireland, a member of the International Executive of the CWI, attended the congress and contributed to the discussions, giving a valuable report on the work of the whole International. He explained that our organisations need to be prepared for the economic downturn of capitalism and an upswing in class struggle. Krzysztof Kutra from CWI Poland and Tinette Schnatterer from SAV (CWI Germany) also showed how important our work is and why we need to build an international.

The collection of funds at the congress raised 79,796 kronor (€8,490) in contributions from members and supporters.

We see a distinct change in the mood and the conference was a brilliant launching pad for the new period of struggle against the right wing government in Sweden.

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