Northern Ireland: Classroom assistants’ dispute – Which way forward?

Crucial first strike under ‘power-sharing’ Assembly

Socialist Party leaflet

The ongoing classroom assistants’ days of industrial action, across Northern Ireland, in defence of wages and conditions, is the first strike to take place under the new Northern Ireland Assembly Executive (local ‘power-sharing’ government). The 3,000 strikers are coming under daily media attack and also opposition from spokespeople from the main sectarian-based political parties. The strikers are organized in the main public sector union in N Ireland, NIPSA. Shamefully, however, officials from several other unions have acted to undermine the strike.

This Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) leaflet is being widely distributed to striking class room assistants throughout the North.

Messages of support for the class room assistants can be sent to:

Messages of support can also be sent to the Socialist Party in Northern Ireland:

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