Britain and Northern Ireland: Visteon car workers show – Action gets results

Struggle ends in victory!

Workers occupy plant roof

Sacked workers at the three closed Visteon UK plants in Enfield (London), Basildon (Essex), and Belfast (Northern Ireland) have won a momentous victory, a substantial financial package from their bosses.

They will end their pickets and occupations as soon as the money is in the bank. The Socialist, weekly paper of the Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales) has published the following material, including an article by Basildon plant convenor and Socialist Party member, Frank Jepson. Follow the links below for the full articles.

The Visteon struggle: the story of what happened – by Frank Jepson, Unite union convenor, Visteon Basildon

Visteon workers show: Action gets results- Frank Jepson speaks to the Socialist

The Socialist – Editorial comment

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