Italy: Solidarity with the ‘No Tav’ struggle

Joe Higgins MEP supports struggle of Val di Susa inhabitants

Dear friends,

As you demonstrate today against the TAV development that would destroy your communities and create environmental devastation, I would like to convey to you the support of the Socialist Party in Ireland, which works alongside Controcorrente in Italy and is a member the Committee for a Workers’ International

’No Tav’ demonstration last Saturday

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend today’s demonstration, but I intend to visit Val di Susa on 20/21 February to see the area, to meet the community and to assist your struggle.

The TAV development you are campaigning against underlines the prioritisation in Italy and across Europe of the interests of big business and the developers over the environment and working people. Your resistance parallels the resistance of millions of others across Europe engaged in campaigning to defend their communities against unsustainable and environmentally unsound development. The lesson I have drawn from my involvement in similar campaigns (like an important struggle against a Shell gas refinery in the west coast of Ireland) is the vital importance of building a mass campaign of working people.

I condemn the police repression that has been used against No TAV campaigners. I will use my position to expose this repression and support your right to protest as well as the cause you stand for.

I encourage you to continue your struggle to build a mass campaign that can defeat the government’s project.

I look forward to meeting some of you in a month’s time.

Yours in solidarity,

Joe Higgins MEP

Socialist Party (Ireland), Committee for a Workers’ International

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