Hong Kong: International solidarity with our comrades in Russia

Against violent attack on environmentalists

On 9th of August, members of Socialist Action (CWI HK supporters) launched a protest in front of the Russian Consulate in Hong Kong

At noon of 9th of August, members of Socialist Action organised a protest in front of the Russian Consulate in Hong Kong (Sun Hung Kai Centre, Wan Chai). This protest was in solidarity with our Comrades in the Russia CWI section and against repression and attacks from the Russian regime and multinational corporations.

Socialist Action’s members held up a banner with the words " End the persecution of protesters and anti-fascists, Stop the destruction of Russian forests and green belts by the capitalists",They also chanted slogans in Chinese and English against capitalists and the Russian government. Then, one representative from Socialist Action passed a protest letter to a representative of the Russian Consulate. This letter expressed supporters of Chinaworker.info and Socialist Action’s anger to the Russian regime, capitalists and fascists thugs. It also showed active support to the demands of the Russian CWI section:

An end to the persecution of protesters and anti fascists

An end to the use by the state and big business of violent thugs against peaceful protesters

An end to the destruction of Russia’s forests and green belts in the interests of big business and the elite

For an open conference of environmental groups, workers’ organisations and residents to draw up a proper plan to tackle the environmental and transport crises in the interests of ordinary people and not big business.

For an end to the Putin-Medvedev police state, to be replaced by a democratically elected government of working people with a socialist programme.

For further information on background of this protest, please visit our article on the website: Solidarity needed – Russia: Socialists brutally attacked after environment protest

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