Solidarity: Protests in Israel and Germany in response to brutal attacks on Russian activists

More protests needed!


report by Yonathan Dayan, Tnua’t Maavak Sozialisti / Harakat Nidal Eshtaraki (Socialist Struggle Movement – CWI in Israel)

On Friday, a protest rally took place in front of the Russian embassy, organised by CWI activists in Israel, as a response to the latest attacks on comrades from the Russian section of the CWI (one of whom is still hospitalised) the attack was made by thugs, who ambushed the socialist activist after a large demonstration against a forest-clearing that plays the role of a “green-lung” for Moscow, in order to build a toll-road, in a project led by the French multi-national construction corporation, Vinci.

30 people took part in the rally; among them socialist activists, social activists, people who came to show solidarity and anarchist activists.

During the rally, a protest letter was handed into the embassy, flyers were handed to passers-by, and we explained the issue and made calls in Hebrew Russian.

We highlighted that the fight of socialist, green and left activist in Russia is an international fight- including in Israel and the occupied territories – against the corporate takeover of green resources, the crushing of democratic rights, and the far right and for a mass organised struggle to change society.

Berlin – SAV (CWI) protest

Members and supporters of Sozialistische Alternative (CWI in Germany) organised a picket of the Russian embassy and of the offices of the Vinci company in Berlin distributing leaflets and shouting slogans against the attacks on environmental activists in Russia.

Neither in the embassy nor the Vinci headquarters was a representative prepared to talk to the protesters or even take a protest letter.

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