Kazakhstan: Media coverage of visit by Joe Higgins, Socialist MEP

Media reports of Joe Higgins’ recent visit to Kazakhstan, where he called for the scrapping of an OSCE conference in the authoritarian-run country

Some examples:

Eurolink: Higgins demands cancellation of high-level summit

Stan.tv broadcasted clips: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Radioazattyk.org: Политика – Группа депутатов Европарламента призвала отменить саммит ОБСЕ

Radioazattyk.org: Политика – Пока сторонник Курамшина озвучивал лозунги, тюремщикам раздали мягкие взыскания

Situation of prisoners in Kazakhstan

Before Joe’s visit, BBC reported about the situation facing prisoners in Kazakhstan, quoting Vadim Kuramshin, a former prisoner himself, now a human rights activist and lawyer. To get more information on Vadim Kuramshin and the harassment he faces from the authorities, visit here on socialistworld.net.

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