Russia: Police detain campaigners for equal rights for women and LGBT community

UPDATE: 12 protesters released – Drop all charges and fines!

Twelve protestors, including Igor Yasin, a CWI supporter, were arrested in Moscow on Saturday, 1 October, during a legally-sanctioned protest in favour of equal rights for women, an end to discrimination against LGBT people and against the attempts to severally restrict the right to abortion. Igor was held because as an organizer of the protest, the police claim he allowed slogans to appear on the protest that were not agreed to by the authorities.

During the protest, skinheads and far rights nationalists attempted to harass the protestors. A small group of fascists attacked the participants as they were leaving the protest, in a disciplined group, to go on the metro.

This is an attack on the campaign for basic democratic and social rights.

Although released hours later, the 12 protesters now face fines. We call on readers to urgently phone the Moscow police station where Igor and the other campaigners were detained, calling for all charges and fines to be immediately dropped.

Phone: +7499 261 2442 or +7499 261 41

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