Russia: Kholodmash factory workers end hunger strike

Bosses indicate wage concessions but jobs remain precarious

A hunger strike by several female workers at the Kholodmash factory, in Yaraslavl city, Russia, (see previous report), was called off yesterday. The hunger strike was the latest action by the workers in protest at wage arrears and the threat of the factory’s bankruptcy. The factory management were clearly worried about the effects of the hunger strike and rushed to pay the wage arrears of those who were participating in the desperate action. As a result, the hunger strike was suspended, for a period. But, as the factory still remains in a precarious situation, and it is not completely clear how many workers owed wages arrears have been or will be paid, the workers said protest action could well be resumed in the near future.

Many letters of solidarity from around the world were sent to the protestors. This undoubtedly worried the management, who do not like it when their attempts to deprive workers of their jobs and wages are successfully brought to wide public attention.

The Kholodmash workers thank all those international organisations and individuals that responded so quickly, with solidarity and protest letters.

CWI comrades in Yaraslavl city were fully involved in supporting the protesters and will send further reports.



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