Kazakhstan: Threat to Zhanartu leaders widely condemned

Immediate support given by Bob Crow, rail-workers’ leader in Britain, Paul Murphy, MEP, from Ireland, Swedish trade union journalist and Australian Councillor, Steve Jolly

Nearly 100 messages of condemnation and support have already gone to the Kazakh and Russian authorities in response to the statement publicised yesterday by the Zhanartu trade union leaders, Esenbek Ukteshbaev and Ainur Kurmanov.

They include a strongly worded warning from Bob Crow of the RMT (Britain) and a detailed message from Paul Murphy, who has personally visited Zhanaozen and seen the harsh working and living conditions of workers under the Nazarbayev dictatorship. Campaign Kazakhstan in Sweden has received support from a journalist of the newspaper, Dagens Arbete – the joint trade union magazine for IF Metall, the Paper Workers’ Union, the Graphical Workers’ Union and Food Workers’ Union who will carry an article on the dangerous situation that faces Kazakhstan opposition leaders.

Read the texts on the Campaign Kazakhstan web-site here.

Steve Jolly, Australian Socialist Party Councillor, Langridge Ward, City of Yarra has also sent a protest message.

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