Solidarity: Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights’Nigeria (CDWR) solidarity with UGTT and workers in Tunisia

Further support from Martin Powell-Davies, National Executive, National Union of Teachers (NUT), London, and Christoph Waelz, GEW-Berlin (teachers’ union) shop steward

Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights (CDWR) is a pro-labour organization in Nigeria that defends democratic and social rights of the working people at workplaces and in larger society.

We are strongly protesting the attacks on Tunisian trade union federation- UGTT. In the past days, several UGTT union offices and buildings have been attacked by thugs, including burning of union’s property and office equipment. We strongly condemn the attacks on UGTT offices in Feriana, the central union headquarters in Tunis, regional local union offices in Monastir, Kairouan, Kebili, Ben Arous, La Manouba Douze, Thala, and Nabeul.

We strongly believe that these attacks have been sponsored and organized by the ruling elite and the Ennahda Movement. It is no coincidence that these attacks are coming after the 3-day general strike by the UGTT municipal employees that began on Monday 20th February 2012. The attacks were well planned to intimidate workers in the UGTT union and the working class in general against fighting for democratic and social rights.

CDWR hereby call for an independent probe panel made up of elected representatives of human rights bodies and lawyers’ association as well as the elected representatives of workers and trade unions, and reject any investigative panel set up by the government. We also call on Moncef Marzouki-led government and the Ennahda Movement to respect democratic rights of workers and Tunisians.

CDWR offers its solidarity with the UGTT and the entire working people of Tunisia. We call on the entire trade union movement in Tunisia to build defense committees of workers and community activists to protect strikes, demonstrations etc. We also call on the trade union movement to begin the process of build a mass working people political party to defend the socio-economic and political rights of the working people with clear cut socialist policies and programs.

Chinedu Bosah,

Publicity Secretary.


Brothers and Sisters

I have read about the shameful attacks on the UGTT on the website of the CWI/CIO

Please accept these solidarity greetings from London.

Resist the attacks on the UGTT coming from the enemies of the revolution

Defend working people, defend democratic and trade union rights!

Victory to the UGTT strikers! Continue the Tunisian revolution !

In solidarity / Fraternelles salutations.

Martin Powell-Davies,

Member of the National Executive

National Union of Teachers, London, UK.


Dear colleagues of the UGTT!

We, colleagues of the youth section of the German education union in Berlin, heard about the attacks on headquarters of the UGTT in Tunesia. We heard about your planes for a mobilisation of the masses against these attacks and against the increasing repression of the Ennahda and the state against the powerful union of the tunesian workers.

We are in full solidarity with you against any plans to attack peoples’ rights to organise themselves for their rights!

We condem these attacks and wish you the very best for the building of your forces in Tunesia!


in international solidarity,

Christoph Waelz, shop steward of the GEW Berlin, for the youth section of the German education union, Berlin.

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