Germany: Capitalists strangling Greece

No to the dictatorship of banks and big business – For a socialist Europe!

As if the clock in Europe is to be turned back 100 years, Greece is being driven to the level of a colonial country. A political and economic dictatorship is about to be imposed on Greece – a dictatorship of the banks and large corporations.

At the top of this dictatorship, we see Merkel and Schäuble as representatives of German capital. Greece will be looted and foreign corporations will benefit from a near total privatisation of public assets. As in colonial times, working people and the poor of Greece are doomed to live under the heel of colonial rulers, and, on top of everything else, are being humiliated. The capitalism of the 21st century is showing its true face. It is the same ugly grimace as 100 years ago; merciless, greedy, insatiable.

Tsipras and the leadership of Syriza thought there could be a compromise with the Troika. A fatal error. They did not have a Plan B, they did not develop any alternative. The result is a deeply distressing capitulation. The mass of the Greek people said ‘No’ in the referendum, i.e. ‘No’ to blackmailing, ‘No’ to further cuts. They said No despite an unprecedented campaign of fear by the established parties and the media throughout Europe, in spite of banks closings and the chaos the rich ship-owners in Greece and the ruling classes in Europe had both threatened them with and which they initiated.

Alternative needed

Under the Syriza leadership and Tsipras, Greece went from a having a resounding No, which invoked new hopes, to a terrible defeat. The Troika found them easy to blackmail because they do not see any alternative to the Europe of the big banks and big business.

We have to draw the lessons from this dreadful mistake, as the Greek people’s struggle for work, food, medication will continue. In Germany, everybody who does not accept the dictatorship of austerity now has a special responsibility. It is the German banks and big corporations and the German government that are using the whip of austerity the hardest. Resistance against the German government`s inhuman politics has to be built. However this has to be linked to a clear, irreconcilable No to the dictatorship of the banks and big corporations. It is more than about the time to promote an alternative to capitalism – the alternative of a democratic, socialist Europe.

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