India: Way forward for the Indian Working Class. Interview with Peter Taaffe

The unprecedented second-time victory of Modi, with an increased vote share, has shocked and worried many workers and young people. There is complete disarray among the left in general and Communist parties in particular. Nevertheless the Indian working class has a heroic history of struggle both for its own interests and for society as a whole. It has to put this temporary electoral defeat in perspective, especially from an internationalist Marxist point of view and march forward in a united struggle to defeat not only Modi and Hindutva, but capitalism and landlordism across the country.

New Socialist Alternative, the section of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) in India, discussed the current political situation with our comrade Peter Taaffe, a leading member of the International Secretariat of the CWI and the General Secretary of the Socialist Party, England & Wales. 

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