International rally: Hear from socialists from across the world

An international rally hosted by the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) and the Socialist Party

Hear from socialists across the world – from the US to Sri Lanka, South Africa to Nigeria, and Chile to France

Saturday 30th July 2022, 5pm – 7pm

Camden School for Girls, Sandall Road, London NW5 2DB

£3/5 entrance


All welcome

Speakers include:

  • Youvraj Bagade – India
  • Prasad Hemakumara – Sri Lanka
  • Pamela Andrea Meza Lobos – Chile
  • Hassan Hussein (Soweto) – Nigeria
  • Weizmann Hamilton – South Africa
  • Lucie Mendes – France

The world is emerging on the other side of the Covid lockdowns. The pandemic threw all aspects of society into flux. It has created enormous economic uncertainty and increased tensions between nation states, different sections of ruling elites and, above all, between classes. The Ukraine war is the sharpest expression of this, bringing suffering for millions.

There was never any prospect of the post-pandemic world being one of sunny economic uplands, rising prosperity and capitalist stability. What we have is an escalation and intensification of the crises of global capitalism.

The first half of 2022 has delivered a dramatic global fall in the real living standards of the working class and poor. Food prices are at the highest levels ever recorded. Millions of people, especially in the neo-colonial world, face malnutrition or starvation.

This nightmare will lead to revolts developing in different countries. Just as increasing food prices were a central trigger for the revolutionary wave which swept the Middle East and North Africa in 2011, the current crisis will inevitably lead to new uprisings, as we have already seen in Sri Lanka.

A new wave of industrial militancy has started to break out in Britain, and the same is true in many other countries. There has been a marked increase in strikes and strike threats over pay in Germany, the biggest economy in Europe. In the US, there has been some important unionisation struggles, like the successful ballot for recognition in Amazon Staten Island. Last year there was a 50% increase in the number of ballots for union recognition in the US.

Come to hear from activists from across the world, offering a socialist alternative of fighting to build mass workers’ organisations and revolutionary parties capable of successfully leading a struggle to remove the rotten capitalist system, and to establish democratic socialist societies.

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July 2022