Over sixty people attended the very successful founding meeting of the Socialist Movement on Saturday 17 April, 2004. The aim of this meeting was to set up a new independent, socialist and revolutionary organisation to fight against capitalism, the military, mass poverty and national oppression in Pakistan.

"It is generally the Indian middle class and the rich who are feeling good, but there are so many others, belonging to the lower middle class, belonging to the peasantry, belonging to the working class, who are not feeling good.” That view, from analyst Kumar Kaldeep, quoted by Radio Netherlands is important...

Cries of "stolen election", 337,000 spoiled ballots, a double assassination attempt and riots in the streets... Taiwan’s presidential election had it all!

Today, one year on from the US imperialist led war on Iraq, anti-war demos and protests are being held throughout India, Pakistan and across the dividing Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir by various workers organisations, trade unionists, anti-war groups.

Having last visited Pakistan five years ago, the social, economic and political changes in the country were thrown into sharp relief. The changes, although not immediately apparent, are stark. These developments, I believe, make possibilities for the growth of socialist ideas much more likely than in the immediate...

Thousands of people across the dividing Line of Control (LoC) between Indian and Pakistani Occupied Kashmir commemorated the 20th anniversary of the execution of Maqbool Butt, a radical nationalist leader, by the Indian authorities.

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