"Demonstrations are escalating. From yesterday morning until today, homeless people in the East of the Island occupied the main road from Ampara all the way up to Batticaloa.

Prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra (pronounced "Chin-a-what") and his Thai Rak Thai (TRT) party are on course for a crushing parliamentary majority following the elections in Thailand on Sunday 6 February.

While Aceh on the northern edge of Sumatra has registered nearly two thirds of the total death toll from the Asian tsunami, the Acehnese so far have received only 30 per cent of UN food deliveries.

"The grotesque picture of devastation is slowly emerging and haunting us. The real brunt of the tsunami was taken by the eastern part of the island. The principal town, Pottuvil, has seen the worst disaster in its living memory".

Last Friday, Teungku Malik Mahmood, was interviewed by Offensiv in its Stockholm office. He is in exile but regarded by the Aceh Freedom Movement (Gam) as the rightful prime minister of the State of Aceh. He pointed out the wide gap between the words and deeds of the Indonesian government.

"Socialists and the Venezuelan Revolution", by Tony Saunois, is very relevant to the struggles of the workers and peasants in the neo-colonial world as a whole, but is of special significance for Pakistan.

Like criminals with guilty consciences creeping back to the scene of their crime to apologise, capitalist governments around the world now promise to set up an Indian Ocean tsunami early warning system. Was the risk of this catastrophic event so tiny that they could be excused for not having set up a warning system...

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