Women constitute half the population of Sri Lanka and play a crucial role in the affairs of the country. On the one hand, both the president and the prime minister are women and the world’s first woman prime minister was produced by Sri Lanka. But this has not helped to enhance the situation of Sri Lankan working...

A report has come out with shocking figures. 47% of girls in the nine-year compulsory schools are sexually harassed. The climate against young women has become harder in society and has reached the schools in a new way. Girls are being called names like ’whore’ and ’cunt’ every day in school and...

Much has changed since the revolution of 25th of April 25 years ago. Working class women gained through the revolutionary process very advanced constitutional rights by comparison with the rest of Europe. Before 1974 women counted for nothing in the eyes of the law. The husband was her master and ruler, e.g. having the...

Company unions and harmonious labour-management relations? Japanese culture is different and Japanese women are obedient? That is not at all what Japan is about. There are working women with some guts!

Capitalist India - the land of a million festivals - has a unique trick up its sleeve to turn the most radical of events into a ritual to perpetuate its feudal status-quo. International Women’s Day symbolises women’s ongoing fight for emancipation while across the country thousands of young women are burnt...

Rosa Luxembourg was born on the 5th.March, 1871, in Poland. As a school student she became politically active and at the age of 16 she joined the "Revolutionary Party of Poland". After finishing school, she went to Switzerland and later to Germany in order to escape the danger of getting arrested.

The 8th of March is a very significant date in fighting for a socialist future. This is the day of international solidarity of working women in the struggle for their economic, social and political rights.

March 8th around the world is the celebration of International Women’s Day. For us, this is not just a celebration, it’s more a day of struggle, of fighting spirit. The struggle to end the oppression of women is a fight against the capitalist system which means exploitation for us and making profit for the...

The recent announcement by Indonesia’s president, BJ Habibie, that the people of strife-torn East Timor could "have their freedom" caused a stir amongst the world’s political commentators. What were the motives? Was it genuine or, as many speculate, ’designed to fail’?

Against the background of economic catastrophe in Asia, the workers of South Korea are engaged in a life and death struggle. They have shown that organised and determined action can force even the most powerful governments to back down on their attempts to make workers bear the brunt of the crisis.

The dramatic events of May 1998 in Indonesia have had, and will continue to have, enormous repercussions in Asia and throughout the world. They constitute a revolution begun. The removal from power of the longest ruling despot in Asia by a mass movement in itself was a revolutionary event.


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