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War in Afghanistan

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Thousands protest against EU-summit

International Resistance, the anti-capitalist youth campaign initiated by the Left Socialist Party (the Belgian CWI-section) organised a school strike and an anti-capitalist youth march in Gent, on Friday 19 October. The main slogan of the demo was against the war and against capitalism. In total, 2, 500 youth attended the demo! They went dancing and shouting through the city. Geert and Els from report the Left Socialist Party (LSP).


Italy – Perugia to Assissi: 500 000 demonstrate against the war

"An Invasion of Peace", "An endless succession of colours" is how Liberazione – the paper of the Italian Communist Refoundation Party (Prc) – described the gigantic anti-war procession that made its way across 25 kilometres of Umbrian countryside last Sunday (14 October). Estimates range from 250 to 500,000 participants. One thing is certain: in the 40 years since it was inaugurated, the annual peace march from Peugia to Assisi has never been anything like as big!


50,000 protest in London

The anti-war demonstration that took place in London on 13 October was significant for its size and mood. Socialist Party (CWI England and Wales section) members responded to the demonstration brilliantly, with hundreds making up our lively contingent and selling papers, writes Jane James.


Joe Higgins TD (MP) speaks out against the war

Text of a speech made by Joe Higgins TD (Member of Parliament) to the Irish parliament, the Dáil, on October 3, 2001. Also, a copy of a motion Joe put forward, which is in the ‘Order Paper of the House’ but will not be debated.]


Greek people overwhelmingly against attacks on Afghanistan

Tuesday 9 October saw a 5, 000 strong rally called by the communist party in Athens, reports comrade Andros from Xekinima (Greek section of the CWI).


Ten thousand rally against war in Berlin…five thousand school students take strike action

A demonstration of more than 10,000 marched through Berlin against the war on October 8, reports comrade Sascha from SAV, German section of the CWI. The broad anti war coalition, which we are a part of, called it.


Thousands protest in Melbourne against the war

Last Sunday (30 September) about 2000 people turned up to the weekly anti-war protest in Melbourne, writes Jim O’Connor from the CWI section in Australia, the Socialist Party (SP).


Thirteen thousand on Washington anti-war protest

There were around 13,000 people at the September 29 Washington, DC demo, reports comrade Carlos (Socialist Alternative, US section of the CWI). The media and police say about 6-7,000 people attended. It is fair to say that there were probably 10,000 plus, which is not a small number if we consider that the pro-war sentiments and propaganda is at its peak.


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