Afghanistan: ‘Woman – revolution – freedom!’

Afghan women in Bagh-e-Babur, Kabul, Afghanistan, August 2013 (Photo: Ninara/CC)

Below is a statement by the Afghan Socialist Assembly on the International Day of Combating Violence Against Women, held on 25 November.

The Afghan Socialist Assembly, a group of socialist activists in Afghanistan, lost a comrade to Taliban attacks, last week, as reported on, as part of a wider attack from the Taliban.

The announcement of the International Day of Combating Violence Against Women is celebrated every year, in all corners of the world. Countless men and women come to the streets with slogans against violence against women. National and international organizations issue statements, strongly condemning violence against women and publicizing the statistics of violence.

For example, it is stated in the statement of the United Nations Office (11/25/2022) in Kabul, that 9 out of 10 women have been abused by their partner at least once. The statement refers to various types of sexual violence; physical, verbal, psychological, and economic by the Islamic Emirate of the Taliban against women.

This unfortunately is not new to anyone. These types of reports are mostly covered up by the imperialists because, in the end, they were the “free world” imperialists, who marched to Afghanistan in the name of “democracy”, “women’s freedom” and “civilization”, and afterward carried out mass looting and destruction. And last year, 30 million people of Afghanistan were handed over to the misogynist reactionary Taliban.

Violence against women and oppression of women will not be reduced by commemorations, nor will it disappear with the statements from the “free world”. Violence and oppression are historical and social phenomena. Violence against women is a universal cultural behaviour and social culture, which is carried out by men, and the root of this violence is a reflection of the material foundations of society (production relations), which ultimately centres on the control of a woman’s body and her reproductive power.

The violence that is common in the world against women today begins with the rise of capitalism. At the center of it is “disciplining the female body” to control the reproduction of the future workforce. Without relying on this violence and gender gap, capitalism cannot profitably accumulate and oppress the rest of society. It is not possible to eliminate violence and eradicate oppression against women without a continuous struggle against all patriarchal and patriarchal relationships, inequality, and discrimination against women, and without the involvement of millions of Afghan women in the communist revolution process.

So let’s break the chain and release women’s anger as a powerful force for the revolution!

Long live the revolutionary struggle and liberation of Afghan women!

Death to imperialism and religious fundamentalism!

Woman – revolution – freedom!

Statement issued by Afghan Socialist Assembly, November 25, 2022

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November 2022