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War in Afghanistan

CWI anti-war activities

Greek people overwhelmingly against attacks on Afghanistan

Tuesday 9 October saw a 5, 000 strong rally called by the communist party in Athens, reports comrade Andros from Xekinima (Greek section of the CWI).

A poll on 9 October said that 85% of Greeks opposed the military intervention in Afghanistan.

Last Saturday evening a public event was organised by comrades in Athens, in the area of Zografou – Goudi. This included a discussion on the war, a video from the anti-capitalist demonstration in Genoa earlier this year, and a concert. 150 attended the discussion, which was very lively, and 300 turned up to the concert. It was organised under the name of International Resistance (IR). Twenty-one youth gave their names for more information.

On the Thursday before, at an anti-war rally in Petroupoli, West Athens, nine youth gave their names for IR. The event was in the local square, and featured anti-war music.

Last weekend, the first intervention in the name of IR was organised in Salonica, in the central square, on the same lines as the one in Petroupoli. Twenty-four people signed to join IR.

On Monday 8, there were anti-war rallies in Athens, Salonica and other cities. Three to four thousand took part in Athens and one thousand in Salonica. In Athens there were three different rallies, one by the Left Space, one by the communist party, and another by NAR (youth that split from the communist party in 1991). We sold around 60 copies of a special pamphlet at the Left Space rally (about 1,000 people were present).

Protests in all corners of Germany

Since the publication of the 9 October CWI Newsletter, the German CWI comrades have received more reports of anti-war protests from different parts of the country. There were demonstrations and protests everywhere and comrades intervened or often initiated them, writes Sascha from SAV (German section of the CWI).

In Rostock, SAV members organised a demo of 200. On a demo of 300 in Stuttgart, there was a speaker for SAV and one for International Resistance (IR). Two comrades spoke to a demo of more than 200 in Aachen. We were the only organisation to distribute leaflets and to fly post beforehand for the event. Comrades also took party in demonstrations of 2,000 in Bremen, 3,000 in Dresden and 2,000 in Hamburg.

Peace rally outside Blair residence

Around 200 people protested outside Downing Street last night in the latest London anti-war protest. The event was organised by a group called ARROW (Active Resistance to the Roots of War), and most people present were peace activists. There were also some non-aligned young people protesting. Socialist Party members sold 15 papers and distributed leaflets. School students and others signed up for more information about getting active in the party.

Over 1,000 turn out for ‘Day X’ in Oslo

According to a report from an activist, the Anti-war Network in Oslo organised a demonstration outside the Foreign Ministry at 17.00 hrs on ‘Day X’ (the first day of the US bombings on Afghanistan). State TV estimated 1,500 turned up (Oslo has a population of 450,000). There were many people from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Palestine, and many unorganised youth. Some union banners were present. The rally proceeded to protest outside the American embassy.

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