Europe: Fight the bosses EU! No more cuts! For a socialist Europe!

Thousands of us are marching today because we have had enough of poverty, cuts and privatisation, and low paid jobs – and we are fighting back. We are here to oppose the continued destruction of the environment and the poverty globalisation causes around the world. The Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI – organised in 36 countries worldwide) opposes the capitalist EU. We fight for a democratic socialist Europe in the interests of workers, young people and all the oppressed in society.

We oppose the continued killing of innocent civilians by the US administration’s war machine in Afghanistan. All the capitalist governments in the EU have in effect backed this conflict. We condemn the killing of thousands of innocents in the US on September 11. However this war will not stop terror attacks. The US bombing has actually increased instability in the region and will lead to more terror attacks. This war is all about protecting the power and prestige of US capitalism so that it can continue its exploitation of the poorest sections of the world’s population.

Workers and poor peasants of Afghanistan face starvation this winter. This is while EU politicians and the UN are attempting to impose a new government on Afghanistan. The CWI says that only ordinary Afghans can decide their future. Only a government of the Afghani workers and poor peasants can provide a solution. We demand the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from the region!

Despite the claims of corrupt politicians around Europe, the EU and its policies are there to represent the interests of the rich and increase the profits of the multinationals.

EU policies have meant huge cuts in social welfare, wages, and the widespread privatisation of the public sector. Education has been particularly hard hit with the private sector being brought in to run schools. These measures are purely to protect and increase the profits of the multinationals in Europe. And now workers and youth have to suffer a new world economic crisis where the bosses in the EU will attempt to cut jobs living standards and state spending even further.

Expanding EU economic influence has been matched by increased militarisation. The plans for a ‘Euro-army’ and ‘rapid reaction force’ have coincided with eleven EU countries increasing their military spending over thelast year. Schroeder’s government in Germany has voted for the offensive use of German troops abroad for the first time in 55 years. The EU will become more involved in military conflict outside Europe which will lead to widespread death and destruction.

Since September 11, the EU nations have launched a massive attack on democratic rights. The Blair government is reintroducing imprisonment without trial for all suspected "terrorists". In Germany, workers have been sacked for expressing opposition to the Schroeder government’s policies on the war. The EU commission is now discussing new European wide measures against "terrorists". Their definition of terror is so wide that it could include demonstrations, street protests and some strikes.

There is no doubt that EU politicians and big-business will try to use this legislation for all those who oppose their policies. Since September 11, politicians and the media have tried to link the anti-capitalist movement with the terror attacks, in an attempt to undermine the worldwide movement against capitalism, poverty and oppression.

This makes it even more important to build the anti-capitalist movement and link it to workers’ struggles which are developing in Europe today. The slogan of the anti-capitalist movement is "A better world is possible". This is true. But only a struggle to overthrow capitalism and replace it with a socialist society based on the democratic planning and control of the economy by working class people can give us this better world. Join us today!

  • Stop privatisation and social cuts. Abolish all school and studetn fees. Free education for all!
  • For a living minimum wage and shorter working week
  • No to NATO and the Euro army. Cut military spending NOW!
  • End the dictatorship of the market. Bring the multinationals, major companies and the banks into public ownership. Fight for a socialist world, free from terror, war and exploitation!

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October 2001