Ireland North: School students against sectarianism. Press release

At a special open meeting to be held Thursday evening, school students from both communities will launch a new campaign to combat sectarianism and to organise a school students strike to mobilise a mass turnout of school students on Fridays trade union rally at City Hall.

Press release

Call for school students strike

School Students United Against Sectarianism has already taken to the streets, collecting hundreds of signatures of support for the campaign to unite school students against all sectarian attacks on Catholic and Protestant schools and students.

Spokesperson Chris Loughlin, a 16 year old Lisburn school student, explained "All sectarian attacks must be opposed by all workers and students. We are calling on all school students to join Fridays strike by coming together in solidarity with workers throughout Northern Ireland."

Mr Loughlin said the campaign would be opposing all forms of sectarianism but would also campaign for Protestant and Catholic school students to campaign for more resources in schools and against the privatisation of education through PFI.

" We must not allow the politicians and bigots to further divide us. By campaigning independently for better resources in schools and rights for young people, we can highlight the scandalous levels of poverty which is the breeding ground for sectarianism."

Mr Loughlin has called for school students to attend the first meeting of School Students United Against Sectarianism to discuss calling a school students strike on Friday and to discuss taking part in the trade union demonstration. The meeting is to be held in the YMCA, 12 Wellington Place at 4.30pm this Thursday.

School Students United Against Sectarianism was set up by Socialist Youth as a broad independent campaign for all school students.

For more info contact Gary Mulcahy at 02890 232962 or 07763222186

All media are welcome to attend Thursdays meeting

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