Northern Ireland: Thousands attend trade union rallies to protest killings and against sectarianism

‘No More Killings – For workers’ Unity!’

Socialist Party banner on the Belfast demonstration

Around 10,000 people gathered outside Belfast City Hall, at lunchtime, on 11 March, and thousands more attended protests in Derry city and in the towns of Newry, Lisburn and Downpatrick, in protest against recent dissident Republican paramilitary killings and the danger of increased sectarian tensions.

As well as trade union banners, the Socialist Party were the only political group to have a banner on the demonstration in Belfast. Socialist Party placards, with the slogans – ‘No More Killings – For Workers’ Unity!’ – attracted the attention of local and international media.

The Socialist Party Special Supplement newspaper went like hot cakes, with over 600 distributed. The supplement cover featured on BBC television and on the front page of the Financial Times (12/03/09). Socialist Party stickers were also popular.

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