Kazakhstan: Protest at a new wave of repression

There has been a big stepping up of repression against the Workers Movement of Kazakhstan, a major working-class organisation. Criminal charges have been lodged against four members of its executive Saken and Ramil Dzhunosov, Ramil Mengazov and Sergei Popov.

Previous protest outside the Kazakhstan Embassy in London

The charges include using violence, threatening a judge, breaking up an office (their own!) and slandering business leaders (after they successfully fought for the payment of unpaid wages).

One of them was even charged with threatening murder after going to police after threats against his own life were made.

Sakheb Zhanabaeva, a pensioners’ leader from Almata has had her flat raided by the police. These attacks follow attempts made to interfere in the Workers’ Movement conference in May when thugs attacked and beat up three members travelling to the conference and other members were removed from trains by the police.

Please send protests to the Kazak embassy in your country or to:

Embassy of Kazakhstan, 33 Thurloe Square, London, SW7 2SD.

See also CWI section established in Kazakhstan

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