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Science & Technology

Science: DNA, 50 years on

It is exactly 50 years since one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the twentieth century – the working out of the structure of the DNA molecule . This represented the culmination of fifty years […]

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Our activity

cwi: Launch of

We are proud to announce the launch of an important new website, called This sister-site of CWI site will provide a major Marxist resource for socialists, worker-activists and all those interested in the history […]

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Scotland: Scottish elections

May 1st will see the second elections to the Scottish parliament. After four years of devolution, extreme disappointment would sum up the mood of working class people towards the inability of the political establishment to […]

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Iraq: The occupation of Iraq

SADDAM’S REGIME HAS crumbled (as we go to press, 11 April) under the impact of the US-British invasion, though fierce, sporadic fighting continues in Baghdad and other cities. Scenes of Saddam’s statues being torn down […]