Austria: Picket of Irish emabassy in Vienna

We, signing organisations and persons, want to protest in the strongest terms at the permanent injunction that Fingal County Council has taken out against fifteen anti-bin tax campaigners. In particular we are protesting against the threat of further court proceedings against Joe Higgins TD and Councillor Clare Daley. We ask you to informe your government about the protests in Austria.

Letter delivered to the emabassy






Protest note to the Irish embassy In Vienna/Austria

To the Ambassador,

We have experience in Austria with the attempt of Governments to intimidate ordinary people involved in activity against the policy of local or national Governments. Your attempt of intimidation stands in a bad tradition. Your steps will only fuel anger against this deeply retrogressive tax. Here in Austria we are conducting a major campaign to mobilise publicity and support for the campaigners in Dublin.

We urge you to recognise the democratic right to protest and to drop the injunctions against the anti-bin tax campaigners.

Signing organisations and persons:

  • Baier Walterm, Chairman of Communist Party Austria (KPÖ)
  • Grusch Peter, Councillor, Vienna District Council Brigittenau, Green Party. Union of Salaried Private Sector Employees (GPA) – Member of the Controll-Comission
  • Jonischkeit Oliver, Austrian Trade Union Federation – Member of Excecutive Board
  • Maresch Rüdiger, Councillor, Vienna City Council, Green Party, Spokesperson for
  • Environment Questions of the Green Party Vienna
  • Regner Peter, Schoolstudentsrepresentative AHS-Glasergasse – Vienna 9
  • Unterwurzacher Jakob, Vize-Schoolstudentsrepresentative AHS-Glasergasse – Vienna 9
  • Communist Party Austria, Kommunistische Partei Österreich (KPÖ)
  • Socialist LeftParty (SLP), Sozialistische LinksPartei (SLP)
  • Trade Union Left Block, Gewerkschaftlicher Linksblock (GLB)

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September 2003