Pakistan: SMP organises solidarity demonstration with ZOO Papier

Lahore. More than 50 people came to the solidarity demonstration organised by the SMP, the CWI section in Pakistan. All the main trade unions had representatives at the demonstration.

This demonstration took place in solidarity with the trade union members of ZOO Papier and the workers at the Neusiedler/Mondi Bussiness Papier SCP a.s. factory in Ruzomberok, Slovakia. The demonstration was very lively and combative. Workers chanted slogans against the anti-workers policies of the Neusiedler/Mondi management and condemned the sacking of 19 workers including 5 members of the factory committee. The demonstration went on for 30 minutes despite the cold and rainy weather. Members of the MSP distributed a four page leaflet and collected signatures with a petition. The support that exists for the demands of the ZOO Papier trade union is reflected in the fact that we managed to collect 385 signatures so far.

The following resolution was passed at the demonstration:

  1. Recognise the ZOO Papier Trade Union as a legitimate representative of the workers they organise.
  2. Reinstate all dismissed workers including the 5 members of the factory committee.
  3. For the management to immediately start negotiations with the ZOO Papier trade union on wages and workers conditions.

It is a real shame that people like the management of Neusiedler/Mondi, who are representatives of the ruling elite in Austria, want to portray themselves as champions of democracy and human rights but break the labour law if it is in their interest. We will organise a public meeting in the next few days to highlight this issue in the Pakistani labour movement. We are also planning to meet with the Austrian Ambassador in Pakistan if the situation remains the same

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