St Petersburg G8 Summit: Activists detained for protesting against nuclear waste

Send urgent protests!

There are widespread reports of anti-globalistion activists and socialists intending to travel to the G8 protests in Petersburg facing police visits and harassment.

Two CWI supporters already in Petersburg were taken into police custody, earlier today. Please act urgently on the case (details below).

Victoria Gromova and Natalia Zvyagina (a CWI member and a CWI sympathiser from the Russian city of Voronezh) were taken into police custody, earlier today, in St Petersburg, with seven others, for demonstrating against nuclear waste dumping in Russia.

Victoria and Natalya are key members of the Legal Team established to provide legal advice and assistance to protesters attending the Russian Social Forum, which will be held during the G8 summit.

By these actions, and from widespread reports of police harassment of activists across Russia, it is clear the Putin government aims to try to intimidate protesters over the next few days of the G8 summit.

Please send protests, demanding the immediate release of the seven activists.

The seven protesters are held at:

No 1 RUVD (Police) for the Admiralteiskii raion

Phone number +7 812 316 0202

The police Press Office phone number:

 +7 81316 0774


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